Are you looking for a fun, unique and challenging corporate team building activity?

Belfast Escape Games

Escape Belfast can cater for groups of 2-12 players, with groups over 6 divided between our 2 rooms, Down The Rabbit Hole and The Preacher. 
Teams are then locked in a room and will have 60 minutes to work together, find clues, solve puzzles and escape the room in as fast a time as possible.  
During the live escape game, colleagues will have to use their mental abilities and observational skills collectively as they attempt to withstand the intensity and pressure as time slowly ticks away!

Immersive Scavenger Hunts

For groups (20+ players) we can offer The Hunt, an outdoor scavenger hunt in the Queen's Quarter of Belfast. Groups will be split into smaller teams, each competing with each other to score the most points over 60 minutes by locating checkpoints, solving puzzles and avoiding enemy agents! 

Bespoke Corporate Games

Escape Belfast can also cater for bespoke corporate requirements. Our team have experience designing custom games to fit your specific needs.
Why not combine a corporate training day with our immersive games to test employees in a fun and stimulating environment?

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Contacting us and informing us of your requirements and preferences before booking, will allow us to help organise the structure of your day to ensure that your team gets the best from our team building activities. Simply email for more information or call us on 07761935148