What is Escape Belfast?
Escape Belfast is a live adventure game for 2-6 people.  Your team is locked in a room with the goal of escaping or completing your mission within 60 minutes. This is achieved by completing a series of challenges and puzzles which combine to reveal the mystery or the key to unlock the final door.
Why Escape Belfast?
Fun, unique and challenging. Perfect for friends, family and co-workers. We can provide for small and large groups and are more than happy to listen to individual requests and accommodate them where we can. We're based in a fantastic location beside Shaftsbury Square with lots of bars, coffee shops and restaurants to take advantage off prior or after your game. We sincerely recommend a post-escape beer! 
Is there an age restriction?
We recommend a 15+ age guidance for both our rooms. Anyone aged under this must be accompanied by at least two adults. 
I am claustrophobic, can I play?
Although you are technically locked in a room, there is always a fire escape door in the case of emergencies or toilet breaks etc. 
What should we wear when playing?
No special attire is required.
Is there a minimum or maximum team size?
Alice in Wonderland has a 2 player minimum and 6 as a maximum, while "The Preacher" has a minimum team size of 3 and a maximum of 6. 
How much time will we need to play?
We book you in for an hour and half. This allows us to brief you, give you an hour in the room and then speak to you afterwards regarding your experience.
I would like to play with my colleagues as a team building exercise. Is it possible?
Yes, please see our corporate page.
How Much Does it Cost?
The price depends on the number of players, £12.50 per person for 6, £14 per person for 5, £16 per person for 4, £18 per person for 3 and £20 per person for 2.
How do I book Escape Belfast?
All bookings are placed on our online booking site and must be paid in full at time of booking.