Down The Rabbit Hole 

Delve into the wacky and mysterious world of Wonderland where nothing is quite as it seems. You and your team have been tasked with rescuing poor Alice who is being held captive by the evil Queen of Hearts. You will have 60 minutes to navigate it's treacherous riddles and characters, locate and rescue Alice and escape or be trapped in Wonderland forever. (2-6 player game)
(There is a 12+ age guidance for this game and anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by at least one adult. )

The Preacher

You and your team have been kidnapped by notorious Belfast serial killer "The Preacher". He has devised a number of tests to determine whether your team deserve to live. Escape will prove a challenge of Biblical proportions, as you must solve the clues and puzzles while discovering more about The Preacher's victims.(2-6 player game)
(Please note this is a 14+ game and any under 18's must be accompanied by at least one adult)